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A Practical English Grammar


Kiadó: University Press
Kiadás helye: Oxford
Kiadás éve:
Kötés típusa: Ragasztott papírkötés
Oldalszám: 383 oldal
Sorozatcím: A Practical English Grammar
Nyelv: Angol 
Méret: 22 cm x 14 cm
ISBN: 0-19-431348-4


Articles and one, a little/a few, this, that page15
Nouns page24
Adjectives page33
Adverbs page47
All, each, every, both, neither, either, some, any, no, none page64
Interrogatíves: wh-? words and how? page71
Possessives, personal and reflexive pronouns: my, mine, I, myself, etc. page75
Relative pronouns and clauses page81
Prepositions page91
Introduction to verbs page105
Be, have, do page116
May, and can for permission and possibility page128
Can and be able for ability page134
Ought, should, must, have to, need for obligation page137
Must, have, will and should for deduction and assumption page147
The auxiliaries dare and used page150
The present tenses page153
The past and perfect tenses page161
The future page180
The sequence of tenses page193
Other uses of will/would, shall/should page206
The infinitive page212
The gerund page228
Infinitive and gerund constructions page234
The participles page239
Commands, requests, invitations, advice, sugestions page245
The subjunctive page253
Care, like, love, hate, prefer, wish page255
The passive voice page263
Indirect speech page269
Conjunctions page288
Purpose page294
Clauses of reason, result, concession, comparison, time page298
Noun clauses page303
Numerals, dates, and weights and measures page307
Spelling rules page311
Phrasal verbs page315
List of irregular verbs page353
Index page359
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A Practical English Grammar A Practical English Grammar A Practical English Grammar A Practical English Grammar A Practical English Grammar A Practical English Grammar A Practical English Grammar

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